Our Story

The Master Cellar has been established since 1999, with its locations being strategically positioned in Naxxar and in Gzira. We pride ourselves in understanding our customer’s specific needs and provide a constantly updated range of products to enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

The Master Cellar offers the shopper a vast range of over 400 different wines and over 300 spirits as well as gourmet foods, cigars and non-alcoholic beverages, making this a location to visit. Each category provides the client with a varied range not only in brands but also in price.

Individual attention to our customers is key and that is why we pride ourselves in offering a specialized, bespoke and friendly service, whereby our wine and spirit advisors are available for any recommendations and to give further knowledge of the vast world of wines and spirits. It is a one-stop shop for everyone’s needs related to wines, spirits and gourmet foods.

The Master Cellar also offers the possibility of creating customized hampers. Hampers offer a versatile, and luxurious gifting option. They are not just a gift, but an experience. Gifting a well-curated hamper conveys a level of thoughtfulness and consideration, making the gift-giving experience more memorable!

The Master Cellar in Gzira offers the unique possibility of tasting 16 different premium wines through a dedicated wine dispenser – a wine serving system which allows one to taste the wine by the glass before purchasing. The wine dispenser keeps the premium wines in an optimal environment thus, preserving the wine aromas and retaining the flavours of the wine.

This wine boutique also boasts a dedicated high-end tasting room which can be used for private tastings, creating the perfect location to learn more in an intimate setting with friends or colleagues. Organizing a private wine tasting with the wines you have always been curious about has never been easier. One can also attend one of our monthly tasting events, where at times foreign wine makers will be present in keeping an educational theme in order to help patrons better understand our products but also appreciate the finer things in life. One can subscribe to these tastings here.

Centrally located with ease of access, sophisticated interiors showcasing a vast selection of products, dedicated tasting room and individual attention are the elements which encompass the whole concept of The Master Cellar in Gzira; that of offering an enhanced and interactive customer experience.

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