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Daidone Acciughe 160g
Daidone Acciughe A Filetti 80g
Daidone Bottarga Di Tonno Grattugiata 50g
Daidone Caponata Di Tonno 200g
Daidone Cernia 200g
Daidone Filetti Di Branzino 200g
Daidone Filetti Di Pesce Spada 200g
Daidone Filetti Di Tonno 200g
Daidone Tonnetto Alalunga 200g
Daidone Tonnetto Del Mediterraneo 200g
Daidone Ventresca Di Tonno 300g
Jose Codfish In Olive Oil & Garlic 120g
Jose Codfish In Ragout Sauce 120g
Jose Codfish With Parsley Pate 75g
Jose Cuttlefish In Ink With Shrimp Pate 75g
Jose Fried Mussels In Marinade 120g
Jose Garfish In Extra Virgin Olive Oil 120g
Jose Horse Mackerel In Brava Sauce 90g